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Accent Reduction Lessons

Improve your English Pronunciation

What are the requirements to study Accent Reduction?
To benefit the most from this specific type of study we require students to be able to speak English at an intermediate level of fluency or higher. If your English skills need a boost to reach this level, we recommend our General English Language classes.

Why Take Accent Reduction? 
American Accent Training is good for adult learners who have already achieved a good level of conversational proficiency in English.The aim of accent reduction training is not to remove all traces of your native accent, but to improve clarity so the speaker can be better understood in any setting you need to intelligibly and efficiently communicate in: Business professionals, physicians, professors, researchers, telemarketers, etc. oftentimes request accent reduction training so they can express themselves more effectively with their colleagues, clients, and customers. Students from any background or profession can benefit from accent reduction classes. 

What is Accent Reduction training at ILC like? 

Accent Reduction classes are very different from a typical language class! Learning to speak with a different accent involves training the muscles you speak with, so it is more physical training than mental training. Your teacher will guide you through a variety of speech exercises focusing on specific consonants, vowels, stress patterns and/or intonation that are tailored to your specific needs. Between lessons, you will need to dedicate time outside of class to practice, practice, practice and develop muscle memory.

Private Lessons


Accent Reduction private lessons are available in-person at our Carmel center, or online anywhere in the world! Enroll in private lessons today, and we’ll get you started with Accent Reduction training right away.

Accent Reduction classes can help you speak English with a clearer and more accurate pronunciation. We will work on problematic sounds and speech patterns to help you sound more like a native speaker.

Minimum 1½ hours each lesson.
Please allow at least 1 week to secure an instructor.

***Rates do not include textbook.

Textbook options will be discussed with your instructor.

How long will it take to change my accent?
In our experience, it takes an average six months of dedicated work to notice change. Depending on several factors, including how much work you do outside of class, the timeframe could be much shorter or longer. Accent Reduction requires consistent effort and time investment to see results. However, once the change is made, you can keep your new, clearer speech for the rest of life! 


Why choose Indy Language Center?
At Indy Language Center one-on-one private lessons with our experienced and knowledgeable teachers allow students to receive personalized instruction, obtain immediate targeted feedback, and make more progress than is possible with self-study alone. Instructor-led accent reduction training is available in a variety of ways:  one-on-one private lessons with an instructor, small group training, in person, or online. 


Other English classes offered by Indy Language Center

Indy Language Center also offers general purpose ESL Classes in Carmel and online ESL classes that can help you level up your skills if you need something more basic! Or maybe you need help with something more specific - Indy Language Center also offers English for Business and TOEFL test prep. Corporate level group classes are also available. And as always, if you don’t see your specific needs listed here, contact us! We can create a private lesson or corporate class curriculum around any language fluency objectives.

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