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Perfect Your English for Work

Business English

What are the requirements to study Business English?

To benefit the most from this study we require students to at least have an intermediate level of the English language. If your English skills need a boost to reach this level, we recommend our General English Language classes.

Business English is especially developed for professionals in the corporate environment. The syllabus includes English letter writing, presentation skills, and negotiating techniques as well as vocabulary typically used in the business world.

It is currently estimated that ~270 million people around the world speak English as their first language and another ~898 million are using it as their second language. This makes English the number one spoken language in the world with about 1.268 billion users. No wonder it is the international language of the Internet, higher education, research & development, science, engineering, aviation, the medical profession and more! Better English can help you get ahead in many fields. 

The term Business English is specifically related to (international) trade, the financial market and commercial enterprise. The importance to express oneself in proficient Business English should not be underestimated to be successful in the global business environment.

Business English is available as online or in-person private lessons for individuals or corporate level classes for groups. Contact us to discuss your goals.

Private Lessons


Accent Reduction private lessons are available in-person at our Carmel center, or online anywhere in the world! Enroll in private lessons today, and we’ll get you started with Accent Reduction training right away.

Accent Reduction classes can help you speak English with a clearer and more accurate pronunciation. We will work on problematic sounds and speech patterns to help you sound more like a native speaker.

Minimum 1½ hours each lesson.
Please allow at least 1 week to secure an instructor.

***Rates do not include textbook.

Textbook options will be discussed with your instructor.

Why study English for Business Purposes?
In the international market it is an indispensable tool to conduct business. In this highly competitive age, it is important to be able to communicate with companies and organizations that use English as their shared language, and that is not limited to English-speaking countries. The global business market requires clear interaction and participation, and the English language is an inextricable instrument in that.  

The aim of the study is to make you confident you carry the message across and reach agreements in a business environment. The syllabus includes writing business letters and emails, delivering presentations, negotiating techniques as well as vocabulary typically used in the business world. This course also addresses a range of other communication topics, like report writing, socializing and small talk; all skills needed to help you perform with confidence and be successful in an every-day office scenario.


Why study Business English at ILC?
At the Indy Language Center we want our students to know it’s all about them! Our target is to get you ready and feel comfortable having a conversation in any business and office environment. Our instructors help you accomplish your study goals with confidence.

You will be using a lot of vocabulary and expressions that are specific to the industry you work in or the industry you want to work in. We have experience in a wide variety of industries (Engineering, Food, Healthcare, Law, Manufacturing, Travel to name a few of them), and our courses can be specifically targeted to specific fields. We encourage our students to share the nature of their organization and, if possible, a list of regularly used terms. Your instructor can use that to prepare your industry-specific lessons.

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