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Why learn Japanese?


Japanese is an important business language in Asia, and Japanese culture is popular around the world in the form of anime and music. There are over 125 million native speakers of Japanese, mostly in Japan. Many people also learn Japanese because they enjoy a challenge!  Whatever your reasons, learning Japanese will allow you to gain a new perspective on the world through the lens of Japanese culture. 

Is it difficult to learn Japanese?


Several things make Japanese a challenge for English speakers. The order of sentences is completely opposite, with verbs at the end of the sentence. Other aspects of grammar are also very different from English. The three different writing systems take some work to learn as well. Japanese is one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn, but people take on the challenge and succeed every day. You could be one of them! 

Fun Facts about Japanese

  • Japanese is written with three different writing systems: Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. Kanji uses Chinese characters, using symbols to represent ideas. Hiragana and Katakana are both syllabaries, which means each symbol represents a syllable. 

  • The only foreign language taught in Japanese middle schools is English.

  • Japan has influenced the English language, giving us many borrowed words like tsunami, karaoke, tycoon, and futon.


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(ACTFL Novice) (CEFR A1)


At the end of beginner level Japanese, you will be able to use familiar everyday expressions and have the knowledge needed for basic survival in Japanese.



(ACTFL Intermediate Low, CEFR A2)


At the end of elementary level Japanese classes, you will be able to express yourself in predictable concrete exchanges needed for basic life situations in Japanese.



(ACTFL Intermediate-Mid, CEFR B2)


At the end of Pre-Intermediate level, you will be able to deal with most situations you will encounter in Japanese when working or attending school. Students finishing this level can usually be understood by native Japanese speakers with some patience.



(ACTFL Intermediate-High, CEFR B2)


At the end of Intermediate level Japanese, you will be able to speak with fluency and spontaneity without difficulty. Students finishing this level can easily be understood by native Japanese speakers, even those unaccustomed to dealing with non-native speakers. 



(ACTFL Advanced Mid, CEFR C1)


If you study Japanese at this level you will be able to express yourself skillfully, with ease and confidence. At this level, you are able to deal with any social situation, even with unexpected social complications fluidly and with ease using Japanese.

Private Lessons



Minimum 1½ hours each lesson.
Please allow at least 1 week to secure an instructor.

***Rates do not include textbook.

Textbook options will be discussed

with your instructor.