Language Teachers

Part-Time  |  Make up to $35/hour  |  Carmel, IN

We are always seeking energetic and skilled Language Instructors to join our team and conduct adult language classes to motivated students who want to improve their language skills approximately 2-8 hours a week or as needed.

We have standard class time slots we would like to fill between 9am-11am for mornings, 12pm - 2pm for lunch class and between 6pm - 9pm for evening classes.


Join Us!



  • Manage and educate students in a classroom setting

  • Develop and implement engaging lesson plans for beginning to advanced adult and/or young language learners

  • Guide students in meaningful and engaging classroom activities designed to encourage using the target language

  • Maintain positive relationships with students and comply with all school policies

  • Document and share student progress and evaluations

  • Maintain attendance sheets and enter hourly class records on our online system

  • Previous experience in teaching or other educational fields (minimum 1 year)

  • Native speaker of target language is a plus

  • Time spent living or working in an area where target language is used is a plus

  • Bachelor’s degree in the language taught (preferred but not required)

  • Be able to work with groups of up to 12 people and in on-on-one private sessions

  • Strong classroom management skills

  • Ability to build rapport with students

  • Excellent written and signing (or verbal) communication skills

  • Strong leadership qualities

  • Flexible day schedule

  • Live in Indianapolis area