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Helping Hands

Learn American Sign Language


$20.00/hour   30-hour package $600 (payable in 2 terms) + one-time $30 Registration Fee*

10 Group Classes, 3 hours each class   |   Textbook Not Included

Why learn American Sign Language?


More than a million people in the United States speak American Sign Language. If someone you love can’t hear well, that’s a great reason to learn ASL! You’ll be able to communicate in a meaningful way with hard of hearing or deaf individuals in the US. 

What is Deaf culture?


Deaf with a capital D has a special meaning, different from the inability to hear. Deaf describes a rich visual-based culture that is more than just American Sign Language. Learning Sign Language will open this unique world. Most countries have their own Sign Language, so visual communication can be different from area to area based on the native spoken language. Plus, the deaf community creates their own signs for their names and groups can also develop their own style of signing. At ILC we give priority for hiring deaf instructors so students can experience communicating with a deaf person in class.

Fun Facts about American Sign Language

  • Signing involves more than just hand shapes and the sign language alphabet. Body positioning and facial expressions are crucial to communicating meaning in sign language! Even a raised eyebrow or switching hands can change meaning.

  • ASL is not just making gestures - it has its own grammar and syntax that follows the native spoken language. You’ll learn how to sign based on those rules.


Choose Your Language 


“I'm loving Korean class! 우리 선생님이 최고입니다!
Learning a new language requires effort and dedication, and I honestly feel that this class is worth the commute and the tuition.”
— Mig Dee, Korean student


“We are learning faster and more positively because it is a very comfortable and conversational environment.”
— Ali, English student


“Learning sign language at Indy Language Center is so much fun!!! 🤟🏼 Making mistakes is usually the most fun and the best way to learn. ”
— Melissa, ASL student


The Best Way to Learn Sign Language

In as little as 5 months you'll be completing an entire language level with Indy Language Center. Earn an achievement certificate with each level completion, and fast track to fluency!

Want more information about our language programs? Questions? Send us your information and we will help get you started.

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