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Grammar Vs Vocab? The Fastest Way to Learn a Language

“Should I focus on my grammar more or vocabulary when learning a new language?”

We get this question often and as Giancarlo demonstrates in this clip, vocabulary is essential in being able to express yourself. Will you express yourself smoothly?  Most likely not when you’re first starting, however, the goal of studying a new language is communicating. Even pointing and saying one word is a form of communication, which brings you closer to connecting with native speakers and fluency goals. So as you’re taking classes, don’t neglect memorizing the vocabulary in each chapter! You never know when you’ll need those new words.

When we read what Kevin from The Office is saying in the GIF, we know it sounds weird in English and yet we can still understand him. Whatever your target second language may be, native speakers will feel the same way about you!

A lot of students express to us that they feel nervous striking up a conversation with native speakers because they're worried they won't be able to express themselves clearly. But if you think about the above example in English, you can get the gist of the story even if the grammar isn't perfect. The important part is getting those words out!

Try some practice by yourself by stringing words along out loud, even if the order is wrong and you're missing some grammar. Get used to producing words to form a story, and your confidence will grow. A great way to do this is by using connector words such as "and", "because" and "but" to form unending sentences.

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