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I bet you didn't know THIS about Dutch Snacks!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Education Director Giancarlo (aka The "Word Wizard") took up the Dutch learning challenge. He is going to learn new words related to snacks from Dutch Instructor Saskia. Let’s see how much Dutch he can learn today!

Here's the word bank from the video!

Zuur = Sour

Knapperig = Crunchy

Zout = Salty

Zoet = Sweet

Lekker = Good

Heerlijk = Delicious

Ezelsbruggetje = Mnemonic / Donkey Bridge

Eten = To eat

Proeven = To taste

Ik vind het lekker = I like it

Ik vind het niet lekker = I don’t like it

Paraplu = Umbrella

Het is = It is

Het is niet = It is not

Slecht = Bad

Vies = Gross

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