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What are students saying about us?

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"Jessica is a great teacher. She offers lots of interesting and creative ways to learn and her material is challenging but not overwhelming. She knows what she is doing! I really enjoy her classes.

Claudia, Italian student

“They have quality instructors, the institute is very comfortable, and the customer service is very good.”

Jackmary, English student

“I'm loving Korean class! 우리 선생님이 최고입니다!
Learning a new language requires effort and dedication, and I honestly feel that this class is worth the commute and the tuition.”

— Mig Dee, Korean student

Private lessons work great for me. It gives me a lot of flexibility with location, date/time, lessons are designed for me."

— Martha, Spanish student


“Génial, quelle équipe !!!!!! Amazing language center.

— Christophe, French student

“. . . When I began I was nervous but my teacher's training skills helped me to understand, learn and become involved. The more ASL courses and classes I took ensured my ability to sign plus practicing gained my confidence. Our teacher knew when to speed us up or slow down for us when necessary so we all felt connected. (Amazing) I always looked forward to my next class . . .  All and all , these ASL lessons has taught me to better listen to my employees and I will give back to this community like never before when possible . . . ”

— Jane, ASL student


The Korean classes are great :)

— Alejandro, Korean student

“[Teacher] is an excellent teacher who has always demonstrated unlimited enthusiasm and patience. In addition, she consistently found new ways to challenge us & provide helpful structure. Thanks to her and the staff at Indy Language Center, my Spanish has improved immensely from where I started.

— Jeff, Spanish student


“We are learning faster and more positively because it is a very comfortable and conversational environment.”

— Ali, English student

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