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What are students saying about us?

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“[Class] was very good, I love the class I am in! The teacher is great, everyone helps each other.”

— Lakitha, Spanish student


“I'm loving Korean class! 우리 선생님이 최고입니다!
Learning a new language requires effort and dedication, and I honestly feel that this class is worth the commute and the tuition.”

— Mig Dee, Korean student


“Real experience in passing the examples of the test, analyzing the answers, and improving our weaknesses.”

— DF, TOEFL student


“Génial, quelle équipe !!!!!! Amazing language center.

— Christophe, French student


“I improved my writing a lot!  [Class] was very effective for me so I can take the TOEFL test.”

Haruto, TOEFL student

“Learning sign language at Indy Language Center is so much fun!!! 🤟🏼 Making mistakes is usually the most fun and the best way to learn. ”

— Melissa, ASL student


“I enjoyed my spanish class very much! Learning a language with a native speaker makes all the difference and you even get an insight into the culture on top!”

— Friederike, Spanish student


“We are learning faster and more positively because it is a very comfortable and conversational environment.”

— Ali, English student


“Had my first Japanese class yesterday and loved the experience. Awesome friendly staff. Can’t wait to continue on with them in Japanese.”

— Todd, Japanese student


“The teacher is very knowledgable in Deutsch and it has been a great experience.”

— Angela, German student

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