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Translations &
Interpreting Services

with Indy Translations

For ALL Your Language Needs

Indy Language Center is part of the Indy Translations, LLC family of companies. As such, we offer far more than just foreign language instruction.


Language Translation and Localization

The process of translation is more than simply changing words. It involves a thorough understanding of both the text and topic, and the corresponding ability to convey the meaning accurately and completely into the target language. With this in mind, our sister company, Indy Translations, collaborates with a worldwide team of professional translators and language experts to provide the highest possible quality of translation services. We have a rigid quality assurance process that has been developed to guarantee that every translation consistently meets our high standards.

Professional Interpretation Services

Indy Translations provides professional interpreting services in over 100 of the world's main languages locally and worldwide. We have interpreters available for nearly any type of event: conferences, business meetings, court cases, depositions, teleconferencing, medical appointments, worker's compensation cases, arbitration, telephone calls, walking tours, parent conferences and much more. Whether it’s an on-site Spanish interpreter, a last-minute telephone interpretation in Arabic or a multilingual conference with hundreds of attendees, we make it easy for you by providing the top-notch language services you need and your clients expect. Our global network of professional interpreters allows us to find the most qualified interpreters for each project. We also offer American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

Foreign Audio/Video Services

Language Translation and Localization

Indy Translations has provided full-service multimedia language services to hundreds of clients across the country and throughout the world. We can provide script translation and localization, digital audio and video recordings, editing, professional foreign voice talent,voiceovers, subtitling, dubbing, open and closed captioning, graphic design and readaptation, and complete desktop publishing and layout services. Your finished product is available in a variety of formats including PAL/NTSC, AVI, QuickTime, Flash, HTML, CD-ROM, DVD, DIVX, MP3 and many other formats. Our goal is to provide complete language services designed to meet the international multimedia needs of our clients.

Rush Service Available • Competitive Rates • Quality-Tested Interpreters

All industries - medical and health care, insurance, informatics, legal, education, telecommunications, agriculture and more!

Practically Any Language!

Our most requested languages include... Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Burmese, Arabic, Russian, Polish and American Sign Language


We serve the West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa and Orlando area from our offices in North Palm Beach and the entire state of Indiana from our Indianapolis area offices, plus nationwide.

Our Locations:​

Carmel, Indiana Headquarters
1001 Third Avenue SW
Carmel, IN 46032
Telephone: (317) 566.8200
Toll-free: 800.695.8772
Fax: (317) 991.1311
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00 am-6:00 pm

North Palm Beach, Florida
721 US Highway 1, Suite 221
N. Palm Beach, FL 33408
Telephone: (561) 969.3988
Toll Free: (844) 503.1236
Fax: (317) 991.1311
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00 am-5:30 pm

Greater St. Louis Area

Lake St. Louis, MO
Telephone: (636) 733.2324
Toll Free: (866) 733.2324
Hours of Operation: M-F 9 am-3 pm (CST)

Regional Representatives:

  • Roanoke, VA: (540) 467.6042

  • Washington, DC: (202) 769.4639

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