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4 Crazy Ways to Speak Italian and Sicilian!

Sicily, Italy’s largest island, is noted for its dramatic coastline, charming villages and distinctive cultural traditions! Do you know how Italian is different from Sicilian? Education Director Giancarlo invited Pietro and Milena (from Sicily) to teach us 4 interesting sayings in Italian and Sicilian- the 3rd one is a very unique Sicilian practice that you don't see in many places!

Here's the word bank from the video:

1. Let's go shopping

Italian: Andiamo a fare la spesa

Sicilian: Amunì a far’a spisa

2. We have to buy some cheese

Italian: Dobbiamo comprare del formaggio

Sicilian: Amm’agghire a cattari ù tumazzu

3. Lower the basket

Italian: Scendi il cestino

Sicilian: Cala ù panaru

4. Go play in the dark

Italian: Vai a giocare nel buio

Sicilian: Va joca o scuro

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