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Animal Sounds in Different Languages: Italian VS Korean!

Onomatopoeia words are essentially words that sound like the noises they make, in a literal way. We use them all the time when telling stories or explaining events. CRASH! Ooops, I broke the vase! BOOM! Uh oh, I overcooked the popcorn!

We also use these words to describe animal sounds, and it's interesting how animals sound different in different languages. In this vlog, Giancarlo and Jonica compare how animals sound in Italian and Korean and also teach you other noises and human sounds in onomatopoeia examples. Learning onomatopoeia in different languages is a fun way to get a peek into the minds of native speakers and how each language is unique.

Here's the word bank from the video!

Dog - woof woof ITA: baubau KOR:  멍멍 

Cat - meow

ITA: miao KOR:  야옹

Bees or bugs -  buzzzz

ITA: zzzzzzz KOR: 붕붕 윙윙

Chicks - cheep cheep

ITA: piopio KOR:  삐악삐악

Chickens - cluck cluck

ITA: cocode KOR: 꼬꼬댁 

Mice - squeak squeak ITA: squitt squitt KOR: 찍찍

Frog - ribbit

ITA: cra cra KOR: 개골개골


ITA: mua KOR: 쪽 Snoring

ITA: ronf

KOR: 드르렁드르렁

Heartbeat: ITA: tu-tum

KOR: 두근두근 Sniff ITA:  fiutare KOR: 킁킁

Annoyed ITA:  oh! KOR: 야!

Happy ITA:  way KOR: 와

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