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Group Language Classes or Private Lessons? Which is Better for Me?

ESL class with certificates
Giancarlo presents certificates to Lucy's English class

We're often asked "which is better?" or we hear "I'd prefer ____", with students choosing one option over the other based on cost or scheduling. The truth is, your learning style, language level, and goals are major factors that contribute to which class is right for you.

Let's go over the similarities and differences between group classes and private lessons!

ESL certificate of achievement award private lessons
Ale receiving his achievement award in English with Instructor Jihyun

Benefits of Our Language Classes:

Unlike other language companies that rush or even forego lesson planning altogether, our instructors tailor their classes to our students' needs. When you come to class, your instructor has an outline of what you'll be learning that day, and each class will build on previous grammar & vocab to keep the pace.

No matter which path you take, our programs are designed first and foremost to get you speaking the language from day one. Most of our students admit they're shy and nervous about speaking in a new language, and that's very normal! We all have a desire to not make any mistakes. But through constant encouragement to produce the language through question & answers and creating your own sentences, that fear will subside. Our classes are scheduled long enough so that even larger group courses allow for each individual to speak frequently during class.

Group Language Courses

Group language courses are our most popular class option. At less than $20/hr for a 20-hour program, our group classes are very competitively priced compared to other language schools and online services. We offer in-person group language classes in Carmel, IN and also online group classes for the convenience of our students.

Many students that are starting at a beginning level find that a course with other students builds comradery; a balance of struggling together and "competing" with each other to constantly up their fluency game. With so much interaction in class between students, you can immediately tell who has been studying and doing their homework, which boosts motivation for others to follow along.

The teacher sets the framework for the discussion of each class so everyone focuses on the new materials while retaining a natural feel to the conversation. Class conversation is organic, and you'll develop an intuitive understanding of the grammar naturally rather than spending time with drilling and memorization alone. Fun activities help apply the lesson in a way that engages your senses, so you leave class feeling more confident in your ability.

Private Language Lessons

Whether it's for a quick 9 hour package of lessons before big travel plans, or a long term commitment to lessons each week, private language lessons are the most customizable program we offer. Perfect for those with busy schedules, you can choose between in-person and online options so you can have your class anywhere and anytime you like!

A lot of our more advanced language learners choose private lessons because they can provide their instructor a starting point that suits their previous experience. Already memorized the vocab from a particular book? Studying for a proficiency test? Need a little more help with complicated grammar? Each student has their own roadblocks in language learning that need addressed before they advance another level, and our instructors can prepare a lesson plan that gets you unstuck from your language plateau.

Private lessons allow you to delve deeper into more complicated projects. Learn how to prepare your resume in your target language, discuss your interests and hobbies in depth, even create a vlog of your day!

Our Goals for You

We work hard to take each students' needs into consideration. Our recommendations for one or the other are based on our commitment to get you to conversational fluency. We offer level assessments for free on our website and formal assessments with our instructors once you're enrolled for class.

So what are you waiting for? It's never too late to finally have a conversation in the language of your dreams!

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