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How to Study Korean Vocabulary with Anki Flashcards

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

by Jonica

The secret to building and also retaining your memory's Korean word list is constant repetition and exposure. Flashcards have always been a tried and true method of language acquisition, but now technology has made it a lot easier to incorporate it into your daily routine.

As you learn Korean in one of our Korean classes in Indianapolis or online, some of the words you were introduced to in the beginning might be slipping your mind! 어머머! 어떡해요! This is why we always recommend to download a flashcards app and input your new vocabulary lists into them so you don't forget.

But which flashcards app should you choose? Since I've been a student of ILC's Korean language programs since 2018, I've relied on Anki's ease of use and intuitive algorithms that help make reviewing Korean words much more productive.

Most Korean textbooks for learning the language have word banks in them for each chapter. Once you've downloaded Anki from Apple or Google, create a new deck by pressing Add/Export at the very bottom. Name your Anki deck based on the topic, like Fruit Words in Korean or TOPIK Practice. You can then easily go through your word bank and add each word into the deck. The Front portion you should enter in the 한글, and the Back side should be for the definition.

Anki has built in tracking that allow you to tell the app how you feel about each word. Feel confident about 사과? Choose to review it at a much later date. It'll then pop up in the future just to make sure you don't forget. Eventually, you'll be able to choose even farther into the future, like a year or 2 years.

Flashcards don't have to just contain single words. You can use them to review Korean grammar, or Korean phrases that you encounter while studying. You can even make cards with fill in the blank sentences and use context to figure out the word!

"How long should I study Korean every day? " I recommend reviewing a deck every morning or evening, and using the settings to only allow up to 25 words a day. You don't want to overwhelm yourself on vocabulary and burn out, but you do want to spend enough time with the words to make it worthwhile. Staying consistent is the most important thing, so think of it like another part of your day, like brushing your teeth!

Use Anki while attending Korean language classes with ILC and you'll be surprised at how quickly your memorized word count racks up! 🤓

Jonica has been a student of ILC for over 2 years.
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