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International Day of Sign Languages

Today is the International Day of Sign Languages that celebrates the different sign languages used in the world, which began in 2018. The day is part of the International Week of the Deaf that was created back in 1956.

Many people think that all sign language is the same, but really there are more than 300 different sign languages around the world. In the US, American Sign Language is used by about 500,000 deaf people. Interestingly, some signs are used in different ways depending on your language. For example, the sign for "crazy" in American Sign Language means something completely different in many other sign languages, which can cause quite the confusion!

Sign Language is important for the deaf community to not just communicate, but build together a richly diverse culture using language. Each group & community of deaf people have their own unique signs and even make signs for people's names. For the hearing, only a deaf person can make your name sign for you!

There is always a need for fluent and trained ASL interpreters in the US. Indy Translations, our home company, has been providing the state of Indiana top rated interpreters for events, videos, and conferences for businesses and government. Here at ILC, ASL is one of our most popular languages to learn. Many students have friends or family who are deaf and want to be able to communicate with them.

Are you ready to dive into the world of sign language?

Read more about the International Day of Sign Languages here.

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