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Spanish Phrases & Zumba Classes with Yelp's Cultura Club

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Yelp Indy held a Cultura Club campaign for August by inviting local businesses to celebrate Latinx heritage. To help celebrate, Indy Language Center held a free Spanish class in Indianapolis using Zoom for a night of virtual language learning fun and fitness!

Let's meet the hosts for the event! Giancarlo Di Mizio Jr., ILC's Education Director, runs the language school and also teaches Italian and Spanish classes. Vivi Arreaza is a Zumba instructor that runs her own Zumba classes in Mexico. Together they prepared a fun mix of Spanish class and Zumba dancing.

Supercharge Your Spanish Language Learning

Giancarlo reviewed some important steps in increasing your language immersion and fluency progress. Consistent exposure to the language through media such as shows, movies, Youtube videos, music, and reading will engage all your senses with the language.

Ready for a challenge? Change your phone's language into Spanish! You'll run into technical words and phrases over and over so eventually you'll memorize just from using your phone. Of course, Indy Language Center's Spanish language classes will build a solid foundation in your Spanish speaking ability. You will be fast tracked through important Spanish grammar and conversational vocabulary in a high quality, customized lesson plan and an experienced Spanish instructor. Our courses include interactive exercises with plenty of speaking practice.

Check out the sample lesson we presented for Yelp Indy!

Spanish Phrases for Ordering in a Restaurant:

  • Yo quiero más - I want more

  • Tú quieres más? - Do you want more?

  • Algo frio - Something cold

  • Hace calor - It's hot

  • Una cerveza - A beer

  • Un agua fria - A cold water

  • Tú me lo das - You give it to me

  • Sí por favor - Yes please

  • ¡A mí me gusta! - I like it!

  • ¿A ti te gusta? - Do you like it?

  • Algo rico - Something tasty

  • Tengo hambre - I am hungry

  • Un arroz con pollo - Rice with chicken

  • Un chile relleno - A stuffed chile

  • Dame las arepas - Give me arepas

  • Y dame las carnitas - And give me carnitas

  • No quiero más - I don't want more

  • Comimos mucho - We ate a lot

  • Dame café - Give me coffee

  • Tomamos demasiado - We drank too much

  • Dame la cuenta - Give me the bill

Once you've reviewed the Spanish restaurant phrases and vocabulary above, try to sing along with Giancarlo while dancing with Vivi!

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