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Why Should You Do Yoga in Italian?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Do yoga with our "Word Wizard" Giancarlo and learn Italian at the same time! Through this yoga class, you can improve flexibility, sleep better, and learn lots of Italian words!

Here's the word bank from the video:

Many Italian words have different genders (masculine or feminine) depending on whether they are singular or plural.

braccio = arm (masculine)

braccia = arms (feminine)

ginocchio = knee (masculine)

ginocchia = knees (feminine)

uovo = egg (masculine)

uova = eggs (feminine)

portare = to bring

stiracchiarsi = to stretch

stirare = to stretch

tirare = to throw / pull / stretch

la schiena = the back

inarcata = to arch

arcobaleno = rainbow

la spalla = shoulder

le spalle = shoulders

mettere = to place

appoggiare = to place

appoggiare le mani = to place your hands

gomito = elbow

gomiti = elbows

vomitare = to throw up

giungere le mani = to join your hands

separa le mani = to separate your hands

penzolare = to hang / dangle

penzolare la testa = to dangle your head

fare = to make / do

spalle = shoulders

schiena = back

ginocchia = knees

gambe = legs

la saluta azione del sole / saluto al sole = sun salutation

nella classe = in the classroom

focalizzarsi sul respiro = focus on the breath

rilassamento = relaxation

spazio = space

leggera = light

non pesante = not heavy

iniziamo sedendoci = let's start by sitting down

incrociando le gambe = crossing the legs

prendiamo un attimo = take a moment

una posizione (ben) comoda = a (very) comfortable position

mettere le mani = to place your hands

sulle ginocchia = on the knees

uno sopra l'altro = one over the other

cominciamo = let's start

focalizzandoci sul respiro = focusing on the breath

l'aria = the air

entra nei polmoni = to enter the lungs

inspirando = inhaling

espirando = exhaling

portiamo la testa = to bring the head up

attorcigliano le dita = twist the fingers

uno dentro l'altro = one inside the other

l'indice il dito = the index finger

le dita = the fingers

insieme = together

sinistra = the left

destra = the right

le mani = the hands

in su = upward

mani sulle ginocchia = hands on knees

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