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Learn Italian


Why learn Italian?


It might surprise you to learn that Italian is the 4th most studied language in the USA! Around 85 million people speak Italian, and it is an official language in several countries outside of Italy. Italian is an official language in Switzerland, Vatican City, San Marino and Istria. You can also hear Italian spoken in many countries where it is not an official language, like Albania and Malta. 


Things to know before your trip to Italy:


Northern Italy and Southern Italy have big cultural differences! Like many countries, Italy has many regions with their own distinct dialects. Don’t worry though, our classes will teach you to speak an international version that will be understood everywhere. You’ll also get some exposure to these regional differences! 


Fun Facts about Italian: 

  • Italian is the third most spoken native language in the EU. 

  • The Italian alphabet is shorter than the English alphabet - only 21 letters! 

  • Italian is considered the modern day version of Latin, because it is the closest living relative to the language of ancient Rome.

$20.00/hour   30-hour package $600 (payable in 2 terms) + one-time $30 Registration Fee*

10 Group Classes, 3 hours each class   |   Textbook Not Included


Choose Your Language 


“We are learning faster and more positively because it is a very comfortable and conversational environment.”
— Ali, English student


“Learning sign language at Indy Language Center is so much fun!!! 🤟🏼 Making mistakes is usually the most fun and the best way to learn. ”
— Melissa, ASL student


“Had my first Japanese class yesterday and loved the experience. Awesome friendly staff. Can’t wait to continue on with them in Japanese.”
— Todd, Japanese student

Tower of Pisa

The Best Way to Learn Italian

In as little as 5 months you'll be completing an entire language level with Indy Language Center. Earn an achievement certificate with each level completion, and fast track to fluency!

Want more information about our language programs? Questions? Send us your information and we will help get you started.

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