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Learn Arabic


Why learn Arabic?

Arabic speakers are in high demand! Modern Standard Arabic is the lingua franca of the Arab world. Arabic is one of the official languages of the UN, and the fifth most spoken language in the world. Countries that speak Arabic include Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Saudia Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and more. 

What is the difference between Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic?

Classical Arabic is almost exclusively used in written form, as it is the language of the Qur’an and other ancient works. Modern Standard Arabic is the language used in modern Arabic culture - it is the language of movies, television, radio, and modern literature. 

Fun Facts about Arabic

  • Arabic doesn’t use an alphabet! Arabic’s writing system is technically an abjad. That means each letter stands for a consonant, and vowels are added to them with special vowel marks. 

  • Arabic is an ancient language, with a written history of more than 1500 years.

$20.00/hour   30-hour package $600 (payable in 2 terms) + one-time $30 Registration Fee*   
10 Group Classes, 3 hours each class   |   Textbook Not Included


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“I improved my writing a lot!  [Class] was very effective for me so I can take the TOEFL test.”
— Haruto, TOEFL student


“Génial, quelle équipe !!!!!! Amazing language center.
— Christophe, French student


“Real experience in passing the examples of the test, analyzing the answers, and improving our weaknesses.”
— DF, TOEFL student


The Best Way to Learn Arabic

In as little as 5 months you'll be completing an entire language level with Indy Language Center. Earn an achievement certificate with each level completion, and fast track to fluency!

Want more information about our language programs? Questions? Send us your information and we will help get you started.

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