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In-Person Private Lesson Hourly Rates:

9 hours $67.00/hour | 18 hours $64.50/hour | 27 hours $62.50/hour | 36 hours $61.00/hour

Online Private Lesson Hourly Rates:

9 hours $57.00/hour | 18 hours $55.00/hour | 27 hours $54.00/hour | 36 hours $52.00/hour 


+ One-time Registration fee of $30.00


Private lessons will enable you to reach your goals by developing a customized program based on your needs and schedule. They are offered in-person at our school in Carmel or virtual via an online platform that works for you,  like Zoom, Skype, Google, and WhatsApp. We encourage a minimum of 27 hours to attain measurable language results.

Private Lessons

  • PRIVATE CLASSES are standard 1½ hours in length per lesson and typically meet at least once a week.

    Cancellation or rescheduling requires a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Missed meetings or cancellations without sufficient notice will be billed to Client.

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