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French Literature

Language Proficiency Levels

We use the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) & ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) levels as guides for our language programs.


(ACTFL Novice) (CEFR A1)

My name is Sarah. I am 22 years old. I live in Brooklyn. I am a waitress. I like to exercise. It is very cold today. I want to learn Spanish. I don't like books.

Example of what a beginner level language learner might say or understand.

Build a strong foundation of essential grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures.

The Beginner level at Indy Language Center is where you can communicate short messages on predictable, everyday topics such as: your personal details, where you live, people you know, and things you have. You can ask and answer simple, direct questions or requests for information in short sentences in the present. You can identify the general topic and some basic information in conversations on very familiar, everyday topics.


(ACTFL Intermediate Low (CEFR A2)

In the evenings, I like to watch videos on the computer. I cook very well, but I go to restaurants too. Every day I go outside for a run and then I buy a coffee at a cafe. I go to Manhattan on the weekends because there's a lot of restaurants. Usually I meet my friends there.
Expand your vocabulary with more difficult dialogue and replies.

At the Elementary level at Indy Language Center, you can successfully handle communicating in short, straightforward social situations on topics including: personal information about yourself and your family, daily activities and personal preferences, ordering food and making purchases, and the environment around you. You can complete simple and routine tasks using a series of connected sentences. You can identify the main idea in short conversations about concrete topics.

Example of what an elementary level language learner might say or understand.


(ACTFL Intermediate-Mid (CEFR B2)
I've been living in Brooklyn with my mom my whole life. I met my boyfriend while shopping in a busy part of Manhattan. This winter has been really cold, but I think it will be warmer soon. My boyfriend wants to have a vegetable garden. I'm not sure about that because he can't make room for plants at his apartment. We have a lot of fun if we're together.

Example of what a pre-intermediate level language learner might say or understand.

Learn more challenging grammar and reply to all questions.

With our Pre-Intermediate level at Indy Language Center, you can converse with ease and confidence when dealing with routine tasks and social situations in the target language. Topics include basic information related to work, school, & recreation; events, dreams, hopes & ambitions; reasons, opinions and plans. You can able to enter spontaneous conversations unprepared, expressing yourself in  all major time frames in connected speech. You are able to understand the main idea and flow of events expressed in various time frames in conversations and discussions.


(ACTFL Intermediate-High, CEFR B2)
We've had an incredible time while on vacation in Los Angeles. My boyfriend finally introduced to me his family and they were so kind to me. His older brother wasn't there but I'll meet him on another trip we've planned for the summer once we've saved up enough money. Honestly, after a few days I was ready to go back home but I stuck it out because I know how much it meant to my boyfriend. 
Example of what an intermediate level language learner might say or understand.
Read and write as well as discuss a variety of topics.

At Intermediate level, you can easily take an active part in a variety of communicative tasks in the target language. Discussion topics at this level include more advanced topics such as employment, current events, and topical issues of public interest. You can narrate and give clear, detailed descriptions on a wide range of subjects in the major time frames of past, present, and future. You are able to understand the underlying messages and some supporting details in complex messages.


(ACTFL Advanced Mid, CEFR C1)
While I'm aware that my mother is secretly thrilled at the prospect of my boyfriend popping the question, the reality is I'm extremely wary of the idea. Doesn't she know the damage she's caused over the years with all the pressure she's put on me to get married? Though I guess it's common for mothers to have high expectations for their daughters. Nowadays, I'm looking forward to starting my sophomore year at college. My decision to major in chemistry was a surprise to my mother, but I figure that Lewis structures are easier to understand than matrimony.
Example of what an advanced level language learner might say or understand.
Travel and communicate without difficulty in the language.

Advanced classes at Indy Language Center have no set end date. Students are fluent and learn to perfect the language to be even more native like. Students at this level can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, use language flexibly and effectively, and follow complicated abstract topics in extended conversations and discussions involving multiple speakers.

Recommended Classes:
Advanced Spanish
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