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Church in Brazil

Aprenda portugués


Why learn Portuguese?


Portuguese is spoken by more than 225 million people in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, East Timor, Macau, and several other nations. Portuguese is the language of Carnival, a wild celebration famous the world over. Learn Portuguese and participate in the Carnival festivities in Brazil and Portugal that take place in the week before Lent each year. 

Is it difficult to learn Portuguese?


Portuguese is fairly easy for English speakers to learn. It shares a lot in common with other Romance languages. If you’ve ever studied Spanish, French, Italian, or Latin (even a little!) you will have an advantage in picking up Portuguese. 

Fun Facts about Portuguese

  • A Portuguese-speaking person or nation is referred to as "Lusophone" (Lusófono)

  • The majority of Portuguese speakers live in Brazil, not Portugal. (Only 5% of the Portuguese speakers in the world live in Portugal!)

  • In 2009, Portuguese added three new letters to their alphabet - k, y, and w!

$20.00/hour   30-hour package $600 (payable in 2 terms) + one-time $30 Registration Fee*

10 Group Classes, 3 hours each class   |   Textbook Not Included


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"¡He mejorado mucho mi escritura!  La clase fue muy efectiva para mí, así que puedo tomar el examen TOEFL".
— Haruto, estudiante de TOEFL


“¡Genial, qué equipo! Increíble centro de idiomas”.
— Christophe, estudiante de francés


"Experiencia real para pasar los ejemplos del examen, analizar las respuestas y mejorar nuestros puntos débiles".
— DF, estudiante de TOEFL

Carnival Dancers

The Best Way to Learn Portuguese

In as little as 5 months you'll be completing an entire language level with Indy Language Center. Earn an achievement certificate with each level completion, and fast track to fluency!

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