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The most satisfying Dutch Snack ever!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

What’s your favorite Dutch Snack? Dutch Instructor Saskia and Education Director Giancarlo will tell you their Top 5!

Here's the word bank from the video!

Haagsche Hopjes = Dutch Coffee Candies from The Hague

Koffie = Coffee

Haagsche = from The Hague

Knetter Chocolade = Crackling Chocolate

Babbelaar = Butterscotch Hard Candy

Boter = Butter

Speculaas = Dutch Windmill Cookies / Spiced Cookies

Ontbijtkoek = Spice Cake

Hachee = Dutch Beef Stew

Lekker = Good

Munten Drop = Coin-shaped Drop

Biggetje = diminutive form of piglet

Bros = an aerated chocolate bar with bubbled interior

Hagelslag = Chocolate Sprinkles

Koetjesreep = Chocolate Bar

Kaneel Stok = Cinnamon Stick

Borrel Nootjes = Cocktail Nuts

Provençale = cooked in olive oil with tomatoes, garlic and Herbes de Provence

Nootjes = Small Nuts

Borrel = Schnapps / Alcoholic Drinks

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